Home Stay Nepal

… experience the real Nepalese way of life

The concept of homestay is to allow visitors to stay as guests in the homes of friendly and attentive host families. It is a village based tourism development concept. It provides the opportunity to experience the real Nepalese way of life in one hand and on the other hand it provides direct benefit to the people. It also helps to promote Nepalese culture and tradition and to develop goodwill and understanding.

We organize home stay and farm stay trips for FITs and small groups on request basis. Upon receipt of the request we provide the destination profile and a sample itinerary as per the requirement of the guests. This unique service is available for a few selected destinations in Nepal.

Prior to promote any new home stay destination we make ABCW analysis (Accessibility, Basic facilities, Communication and Willingness of the host family) and then we develop Destination Profile. We have a team of experts and professionals who carefully study the destination then only they will forward it to Destination Development Committee

Technical Support Service Committee will provide training to the host family (if necessary). Upon completion of all these procedures our Marketing & Promotion Committee starts make publicity of the destination. So, we recommend homestay considering your requirement, service and safety. Besides, we also provide the briefing of the destination and the host family upon your arrival in Kathmandu.

Some Basis Rules

- Stay as guests. Don't make them feel that you are paying for the service.

- Please enjoy being a guest.

- Respect the dignity of the host family and the local community.

- Cultural & Behavioural exchange will occur during the stay. Please take positive aspects and try to contribute for the development of village by your positive attitude.

- Cultural adjustment is required during the stay. The people are friendly and definitely respect you as guest. Since you are there as guest, try to adjust with them. Please don't try to change them. Leave them as they are enabling other visitors who come in the future date to experience the same feeling as yours.

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